Visit from Aunt Linda

My wife’s Aunt Linda came to visit. Have you ever had one of those aunts that you feel you can just talk about anything with her….like she’s your best friend? My wife does and that’s why I feel so comfortable considering her my own aunt.

Although most of the time was taking a much needed vacation and preparing her daughter Nicole for school (Nicole is spending the rest of her high school years here in Montana, they live in California), we were able to have breakfast on the day she left.

We had a great time just catching up on the latest news and you can’t beat IHOP for the atmosphere. I was also able to get a few extra names, dates, etc. for the Peterson line. All in all, it was a wonderful time. To make the day even better, my parents helped purchase school clothes and supplies for my kids. Six kids means lots of clothes and we’re very grateful for all their help. Thanks Mom & Dad!

On a side note, I’m continuing to try and link the family history page into here but to no avail. You’ll be able to see some things as a guest but once you login, you’ll get nothing. I’m working with the software author to see if I can get anything.

Have a wonderful day, I’m going to!

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