The Night Before Thanksgiving

It’s been busy here. Kara got off work at 2:00PM and has been baking ever since. Pies, jello salads, marinating the turkey, devilled eggs, the list goes on. The smells are amazing.

As it’s been getting harder for me to travel for even short distances, my family will be staying put and having a dinner with our close friends and possibly Kara’s dad. I did say possibly, didn’t I?! We’ll have 15 people in our home, sharing good food and company. It should be great fun.

We’re trying something new this year and that’s deep-fried turkey. We’ve had it once before but this is the first time that we’ve done it on our own. It has an amazing taste and the injectionable marinade really adds lots of flavor. Did I mention the pumpkin cheesecake? Amazing stuff!

My family wishes all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. All those serving in the military, our prayers are with you. We’re deeply indebted to you and the sacrifice that you’re willing to make on our behalf.

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