Family Tree expanded

The genealogy bug has bitten me again. I’ve spent the better part of the day updating the family tree database, modifying files and adding new Doddema’s and other family members to the mix. Loads of fun! I added probably about 50 individuals today with the help of a wonderful website: Genlias. I think I’ve mentioned it before and if I have…good for me. It’s amazing.   The people who volunteer to move all records to digital should be given an award or something. Most people know that I’m LDS, so when I say I’m blown away by a genealogical effort…I’m blown away! This is an entire country that thinks it’s important enough to do this. It’s a lifesaver as I don’t have the means to go to the Netherlands to do the research myself. Understandably, there are still some shortfalls since they don’t want to impede on privacy issues but the majority is there and they’re continually adding.

I’ve also sent out several emails to family members and friends overseas asking for their help in finding information on certain family members. I’ll be adding that in the blog as the information pours in. Mr Papa, again gets thanks as he’s not only helped with the site but he has full-access to I noticed the other day that the site had some new entries in their passenger lists. As it was one of those freebie things, I looked and behold there was the passenger list with my father’s name on it. Alas, since I’m not a full-member I cannot save the image. Once Mr Papa does send it to me, I’m going to give a framed copy to my dad for Christmas (Don’t worry, he says he’s too busy to read my blog). I’ll also add it to the currently empty “Documents” album in the gallery. So keep your eyes open.

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