Looking for more information on Elso (Elzo) Doddema

Every once in a while, Ancestry.com has one of those freebie trials that they like to parade around. I took advantage of it this time and was pleasantly surprised to see that they’re were a few Doddema’s listed. What excited me the most was seeing the passenger list with my father’s name on it when he arrived in America! Now that’s cool. Of course, since I don’t have a membership, I can’t save the document but I plan on taking a trip to the Family History Center and using their access to get the records. Aha! Another individual that I found was Elso Doddema. Ancestry.com has him listed as Elzoo Doddema but the dates correlate as does is wife’s name. It looks like something is different with the children but I can look into that. If anybody has any information on Elso and Manna Doddema, along with their offspring, I would greatly appreciate it.

Family history is fun and I hope to get more of you involved in the process. For those of you that have helped, thank you. It’s been a blessing and a privilege to work with you as well as get to know you better.

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  1. ok my mother thinks it might be Uncle Elso from Iowa. Children would be
    Elzo Jr. & Pete and there might be more, mom’s not sure.

  2. Elzo was born on 27 July 1879 in Nieuweschans as an illigitimate son of Nettje Loers. He was ligitimated by Tammo Doddema when he married Nettje on 5 November 1881. Elzo was night watchman at the carboard factory ‘Dollard’ in Nieuweschans and later ‘voerman’, a transporter of goods, probably by a horse-pulled cart. He married Manna Teuben, born 17 October 1877 in Oudedijk (community of Beerta) on 40 April 1904 in Nieuweschans. Manna had been married before (on 11 may 1895 in Beerta) to Jan Rand (or Land), born 1876 in Oudedijk (beerta). They divorced, but she took her son Jan (‘John’) Land, born 1896 in Nieuweschans with her to the US, together with her children with Elzo Doddema.
    Those children probably were: Geert, born 1903 in Nieuweschans, Marina, born 1904 in Nieuweschans and Pannis, born 1905 in Nieuweschans. The following three children were born in the US: Piet (‘Peter’), born 12 April 1909, Grundy, Iowa, Minie, born 1908, in?, Iowa and Elso, born 11 December 1919 in Grundy, Iowa.
    Piet married Mary C. Holm and they had 9 children: Violet, Mary Ann, Gloria, Paul Eugene, Marcia, Floyd, Dale, Wanda and Elso.

    Henk Doddema

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  4. Hi! I am looking for information on Manna Teuben’s family too! I am her 1st cousin a few times removed. My great great grandfather was Harm Teuben-her uncle. He moved to North Dakota, but his daughter Engeltje became Mrs. Benjamin Zweep in Sioux Falls, SD. She also became known as Annie. How can I leave a way to contact me if you have more info?

  5. Hi Carol. Manna Teuben, born 17 October 1877 in Oudedijk (Beerta), The Netherlands, died 20 June 1964. She was a daughter of Jan Teuben, born 1842 in Bellingwolde (Netherlands) and Berendje Velger, born 1845 in Bunde (Germany). Jan and Berendje married on 17 August 1870 in Beerta (Netherlands). Manna Teuben married Jan Rand on 11 May 1895 in Beerta but later divorced him. Their son Jan (‘John’) was born 1896 in Nieuweschans (Netherlands). On 30 April 1904 Manna married Elzo Doddema. With him she had 6 children: Geert (1903), Marina (1904), Pannis (1905, Miniw (1908), Piet (1909) and Elso (1919). Geert, Marina and Pannis were born in Nieuweschans (Netherlands), Minie, Piet and Elso were born in the U.S (Grundy, Iowa). I don’t know anything on Geert, Marina and Pannis. Piet married Mary C. Holm and had 9 children with her. Elso married Lois NN and they had 4 daughters (Hazel, Shirley, Carol and Patty).

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