That Lightbox Thingy

While you may not know what Lightbox is, you’ve definitely seen it on this site. It’s that cool little thing where when you click on one of the pics in the post and it get all big and pretty. Well, it’s seems to be having some hiccups lately and I’m working to resolve the issue. I’ll keep you updated.

I should also be uploading more photos this upcoming weekend. Most are scanned images from my childhood. Why not, that’s what a gallery is for, isn’t it?

Have a great day!  :grin:

3 thoughts on “That Lightbox Thingy”

  1. It seems there is actually nothing I can do about this until Gallery comes out with their next update. Whew! Nothing I hate more than knowing it’s something I did wrong! Until then, some of the pics in the posts might be a little screwy and fill your until screen. Luckily, the update should be out sometime in January 2007.

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