We’ve been living in University apartments for the last 2 1/2 years and although it’s been great to be so close to friends, we’ve had enough. Why?

  • The 4-bedroom apartment we’ve been renting is only 900 square feet. That’s too small for a family of 8.
  • Kara’s taking a break from school. Since the apartments are for University students, we have to move.
  • Being this close to people you either become great friends or enemies. For some reason or another, someone has a problem with us. No one needs that sort of harassment.

We’re only moving a few miles from where we are but it’s a house. Kara and I are excited! We looked at the place on Wednesday and we’re trying to move everything today so we don’t have to pay rent in both places come the 1st. We have members from the Church coming over to help as well as various friends and family.

Although I will be checking in once in a while, I won’t be able to be on as often as we won’t have Internet service until Feb 7th. I’ll try and keep you posted as I go along. By the time I have the Internet back, should have a bunch of pictures posted, ready for your viewing.

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