School Begins

I am so excited about start school again. I am taking all online classes for the first time and so far, I am enjoying it. I just hope I feel the same way about it in a week or month from now!!! My husbands family and my family have a tradition coming up next month, Blizzard Ball. We play softball in the snow for the weekend of Feb. 10,11. We are very psyched about it and can’t to drink some beers and hit some balls!!!!!!!! Too bad there isn’t really any snow! That’s what is going on with the Norton Family. Kids are getting so big and Nevaeh is going to school. It’s amazing how fast they grow up. when you just have them, people tell you that all the time, but you never pay any mind to it, until they are already in school and graduating!



One thought on “School Begins”

  1. Hope Kara and you have fun taking the Accounting class together!

    It’s interesting to see how fast the kids do grow. I’m constantly amazed. In one week, you can notice a drastic change. It’s amazing to me that Josiah is almost as tall as Kara now!

    Enjoy school and don’t give up! It’s worth every minute of that torture!

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