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Welcome to DoddemaGen.  For those that don’t know, Berend is the son of Wiert Doddema (brother of my grandfather, Tammo Doddema).  Our online family continues to grow.  Hopefully, all the Doddema’s will soon know of this site and work together to fill the gaps in our family history.

If anybody has any questions, please let me know by either emailing me using the contact form or doddemagen (at) gmail.

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  1. mijn naam is Wiert Doddema,[1960] zoon van Wiert [1919] [broer van Tammo]en Hadewieg de Wal[1922-2007]. mijn broers zijn Berend geh. met Diens en Meindert geh. met Barbara. ik ben getrouwd met Wilma[1959] en we hebben 2 zonen Stephan[1984] en Vincent[1988]. wonend te Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht Nederland. beroep is zelfstandige ondernemer

    1. Hallo Wiert,
      Do you know you have relatives in Norway?
      Tammo Doddema (1857-1935) and Nettje Loers (1853-1919) from Nieuweschans had 5 children: Elzo (1879-1959), married to Manna Teuben (1877-1964), Trientje(1882-1955), married to Lukas Vos (1882-1940), Eidina (1885-1959), Wientje (1887-?), married to Jantje Prins (1891-?) and Berend (1890-1947), married to Marijke Staal.
      Wientje Doddema, born 30 may 1887 in Nieuweschans, married Jantje Prins, born 1891 in Nieuw Beerta on 11 February 1911 in Beerta. At that occasion a daughter of Jantje, Hilke, born 21 January 1911 was legitimated by him. Wientje and jantje had 6 more children together: Tammo, born 23 August 1912 in Nieuw Beerta, Piet Johan, born 1 December 1921, Jan, born 29 July 1923, Frans, Maria and Martha. Tammo married on 10 November 1939 in Nieuweschans with Lammechien ten Cate, born 14 october 1915 in Sappemeer. They had 1 daughter Gerda Binie, born 1941 in Nieuweschans. They moved to Australia, where Tammo died. Lammechien returned to The Netherlands, but her daughter stayed in Australia where she got married. Piet Johan married on 20 June 1945 to Kirsten Margrethe Pedersen, born 21 July 1922, but they divorced on 18 January 1962 without having children. Jan, who was a dock-labourer in the Amsterdam harbour, married Ranveig Thomsen, born 14 July 1926, who was a cleaner on the ferry boat between Amsterdam and bergen (Norway).They probably moved to Norway to settle in Bergen on the west coast. There were born: Astrid Jeanette, 15 April 1945, married to Per Hoff, Karen Margrethe, born 16 May 1950, married to Eric Carlmark, Else Marie, born 27 April 1955, married to Ivar Johan Larsen and Jon, born 27 July 1960 and married first to Ingvild Odland (divorced in 1991) and later to Berit Haukoy. Jon had two sons with his first wife: Daniel, born 21 February 1984 and Mikael, born 3 December 1987, and one daughter with his second wife: Linn Elise, born 23 June 1992. I have the email address of Jon Doddema and if you want to contact him, let me know.
      Henk Doddema

  2. Welcome Wiert. I just wanted to let you know that I’m not ignoring you. My family and I are in the process of moving this weekend. I’ll be able to get in touch with you early next week. Again, thanks for writing. We have a lot of catching up to do.

  3. I am married to Jan Bos since June 1972. Jan’s mother was Hilke Bos born Doddema on 21/1/1911. Jan knew his grandfather was Wientje Doddema but he did not know who his grandmother was. Based on the information provided by Axabar he now knows that he is also a decendant of Jantje Prins.
    Hilke and Albert Bos had nine children. In 1958 the couple and their seven surviving children left Utrecht, Holland to move to Pretoria, South Africa. In August 1978 Hilke died of a heart condition and Albert died of lung cancer a few months later. All their children remained in South Africa where their son Behrend died in February 2009. Albert and Hilke had eleven grand children of which ten live in South Africa and one in the UK. They have quite a few great grand children and there are also great great grand children.
    We would love to hear from any relatives that are out there.

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