Move complete

Whew! A tip for everybody out there. If you have the funds to afford it, hire movers to pack/unpack and haul everything for you! It was touch and go moving day. All the males from our Church were at the Boy Scout campout so we were without any heavy lifters. The Relief Society really pulled through and helped Kara box up the rest of our stuff. Then it seemed people were coming out of the woodwork! Families, couples, the missionaries, you name it…they were there. Special thanks go to the Elders, the Wynn’s, Brother May, the Warner’s, Sister Hilbert, Joyce, Nicole, our good friend Dan, and many others who deserve mention but I have no idea your names. Sorry.

It’s now been a few weeks. I have the Internet again and I’m still busy. I’ve been working on the Riverside site and finally think I’ve got some consensus on where they want to take their web site. So after almost 2 weeks of my friend, Mr Papa, and I working on it….no go. I spend 3 hours this weekend….they’re all excited. Go figure! Mr Papa is working on another project right now but once he’s done, he’ll help bring in a new theme to make this site even better. That makes me happy! Right now, it just doesn’t speak to me.

Be prepared because I will also upgrade to the latest version of WordPress so it will be big changes. Looking at about a month.

Thanks for your patience and prayers during our move. They were needed.

For those of you needing to update your address book:

925 Edith St, Missoula, MT 59801

4 thoughts on “Move complete”

  1. so they dont like riverside eh? oh well, still fun to do…

    I would suggest you go to 2.1 before we change the theme here…

    is gmail working? are you getting all the forum notifications from our little project?

    glad to hear the move worked out…

  2. The pickiest bunch I’ve ever seen. We’ll talk more about it when you get back from your trip…I hope you enjoy it! You deserve it with all the work you’ve put in. I did save the theme though if we ever want to use it again. :)

    GMail does work. I haven’t had anybody else have a problem with it. Now that you mention it, I haven’t been getting notifications the last few days. I’ll check back in.

    Check out the Riverside though, I think you’ll like it. We’re at a new site now– I’m pretty pleased with it.

  3. oh and dont worry about me… the fun is in the work for me… no issues from me if they didnt use it…

    and to gmail, tried on Friday before I left and still get mailbox full errors…

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