Testing themes

Simple as that It was supposed to be as simple as that.

H20 theme

I found the H20 theme and really, really liked it. Very visually appealing and since I’m pretty much color blind….the black and white really made things easy for me. The author used AJAX liberally throughout the theme but it wasn’t overdone. The only thing I didn’t like about it was it didn’t support widgets.

I’m not a web guru and don’t see myself turning into one in the near future. I need something simple stupid that will meet my needs. In steps dKret2.

dKret2 theme

As I was looking for ways to improve the H20 theme, I actually stumbled across this theme and was instantly drawn to it. Although it lacked the simplicity/starkness for my poor eyes, it still is very, very visually appealing and incorporates many of the same features of H20. It may not contain as much AJAX but it makes up for it in other ways.

The one thing that drew me to this theme was it’s built-in support for certain plugins. Although I’ve never used some of them, I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. The main site actually incorporates much of the plugins that it supports. Nice feature and rare these days.

The main reason I love this theme is the customer service! This site is amazing. The author continually responds to the comments provided by users of this theme. Everybody working together and the theme continually updated.

Final thoughts

I’m actually thinking of not only keeping this theme for my own personal blog but converting DoddemaGen to it. Just changing the background will make a world of difference in how it appears to others. Plus, anything would be an improvement over what is currently being used now. What do you think?

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