Upgrade in Progress

I’m not sure I can really call it an upgrade. Although I did upgrade to Ella, the newest flavor of WordPress, I completely wiped everything else. Why? Hard to say. I know that it didn’t reflect me, who I was and what I wanted to share. I think as this week continues, my reflection will grow and I’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what I’m looking for. The bells and whistles will come shortly thereafter. I want this to be a site that I can come to anytime, share what I need to and be confident that I did my best. This is a great starting point.

Hope you join me for the ride as I talk later about what exactly this site will be about and how I’ll share that with the world.

2 thoughts on “Upgrade in Progress”

  1. Continuing with the upgrade. In fact, I’m manually adding in all my books into the Now Reading plugin. Crazy? Yes. But I didn’t know how to append the table to add previous information from a different MySQL database and I wasn’t getting a response fast enough. That’s my problem.

    So I have about 10 books left to add and I’ll have them complete. It looks like the formatting needs to be fixed a little to make it look nice. I’ve added some options that I didn’t use in my previous incarnation of Now Reading….metadata. Now I have total pages, date published, etc.

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