Epidemic hits Doddema home

Will had the chicken pox a couple weeks ago and we figured we were safe since the others did get it right away.  We were so wrong!  Friday, Josiah came down with a mild case and now most of the other kids do as well.  I think the only one that doesn’t is Kieran.

On top of it all, Josiah also has pneumonia.  He passed out while walking to school and was later found by school teachers in his playground.  Unfortunately, they didn’t call either Kara or myself so we couldn’t address the problem right away (that’s another issue for later).  Since Josiah didn’t show any of the normal symptoms associated with pneumonia, Kara and I had no idea he was even sick.

To add icing to the cake, it’s Spring Break.  Yes, that’s right.  Instead of playing outside during their one week off, they get to stay inside and be sick.  Lucky them!

If you need further information about chicken pox ie what it is, symptoms, and how to treat it, please refer to Chickenpox.

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