New look, new theme

I shouldn’t have to state the obvious but I’m using a new theme. I’ve been talking about it over at my personal blog and thought it would work great with this one. I was right! Simply looks amazing. Clean, professional. Need I go on?! I’d love your opinion.

What’s next

I need to get the Gallery back up regardless of whether I switch to a different software. This theme was made to work with myGallery but that appears to not work with subalbums. Anyone that has looked at my gallery knows I have lots of pictures to share. Mr Papa has again volunteered to look at it and see if he can make the theme work with Gallery2. I’ll be holding my breath until then. If anybody can pull it off, Papa can. If all works out, the author of the theme will incorporate support into his theme for Gallery2 (needs all the good themes it can get).

I also need to add a link to the Genealogy page so people don’t forget what DoddemaGen is all about.


I hope these are changes that you approve of as well. If there’s something that you see that really bothers you, let me know. Do you have a great idea that could be incorporated into the site? I’m all ears.

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