Upgrading and sick!

I’ve been feeling like crap today from this cold/flu I have so after a day of sniffling, nose blowing, freezing, burning up and such, I finally decided to check my email. Guess I’m glad I did.

It appears there was a “huge” exploit in the previously released version of WP so an update was issued today. I wanted to verify with a few different sources because who knows these days who’s playing tricks on who. Sure enough, it was real and I spent a feverish 20 minutes updating to the newest version. 20 minutes may sound like alot of time to upgrade but when you’re sick and you have to take care of the kids yourself, I think it’s understandable and a feat all in itself.

Yes, my sister-in-law had the infamous “baby-sitting” blowout. Those with kids know the one–“I tried to call the babysitter but no one is showing up”. So my wife, being the loving sister that she is, decided to go to her house and babysit her two kids. I should consider myself lucky that she waited until after watching our family movie tonight to the despair of her sister and husband. Fortunately she took two of ours so that evens us out to 4 kids each. For those of you who have read my “About” page know that I have six kids.

Now that I’ve updated, I’m going to make a cup of hot chocolate, throw a large amount of blankets on the bed and freeze until my wife comes home around midnight or later. Have a wonderful night.

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