Testing Gallery2 and WPG2

755 I’ve finally completed reinstalling Gallery2 from scratch. Yes, from scratch. It appears that there was an issue with Gallery2. So now let’s see if works.

Update (4/4/2007): And it does!!! Yeah. Now for the fun part of modifying files to work with this theme. I also love the new AJAXIAN theme that’s available from Gallery2. I’m hoping that can be implemented on this site. Hint, hint. Now who could I get to help me?

Update (4/5/2007): And it doesn’t! I found that while using the AJAXIAN theme that I was somehow missing one page in one of my subalbums. Again, after talking to the developers, it ended up being one of the same excuses…deep errors within Gallery2. If I want to fix it, I have to go deep into MySQL and find the errors and by the way, Gallery2 isn’t giving up much in the way of answers to where those errors might be. Inspires confidence, doesn’t it?!

Where does that leave me now? My good friend, Mr Papa said he might be able to help me. If not, I have something on the side that really inspires confidence in me. It’s a growing project that is way simpler in code and ease of use than Gallery2. I know many diehard fans of G2 will find it hard to accept but I can see this piece of software really taking off. So now, it’s a waiting game. Which piece of software is going to make me happy today!

Update: 4/11/2007 – Imagine that I’m still working on solving problems with WPG2/G2! It’s a wonderful piece of software when it works and for some reason, it’s just not doing what it’s supposed to lately. I don’t understand and frankly I’m starting not to care. Mr Papa has been busting his butt trying to help me and for that he deserves all the kudos in the world! I mentioned that I was investigating another piece of software and it’s called ZenPhoto. It seems to have promise. I’ll need to test it more extensively but I already have a link in the sidebar to the albums. Check it out and let me know what you think. It’s your site too so we might as well get it right.

Update: 4/15/2007 -  I’m sticking with G2.  Why?  The author of dkret2 and another theme developer from WPG2 are working on making dkret2 compatible with G2.  That’s awesome.  I don’t have to bug Mr Papa continually for help on it if something changes.  The nice thing…if it hadn’t been for Mr Papa helping me to make G2 look like part of my theme, this probably would have never come to pass.  He’s been a good friend and awesome with code.  Kudos to Mr Papa!!!

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