Catching Up!

I apologize for not keeping up. I’ve been spending most of my time on DoddemaGen and the USS Riverside updating, overhauling, and just plain administering that I haven’t been having fun doing it. I recently received help from a new friend of mine, Assistanc3 (username). He’s an amazing graphic artist, CSS/HTML/PHP guru, and all around smart time. Nice thing is the guy literally doesn’t sleep for days on end. Why is that nice? He gets loads done!

Currently, he’s doing a total overhaul of the Riverside, mostly in the background for testing purposes but it’s there and it’s starting to look really amazing. I’m calling it “Riverside 2.0”. KimberleyJo, another good friend of mine, is working on the graphics as well. You’ll see some of her stuff over at DoddemaGen. She made the new header.

So while it may appear that I’m ignoring everybody, here I am. I haven’t fell off the face of the earth. My day is mostly filled with administering, monitoring, commenting, updating, watching Girlmore Girls and Touched By an Angel, napping and just keeping busy.

Another big change over at DoddemaGen is I’ve switched photo galleries. I was spending way too much time trying to figure out the errors that were constantly popping up. Most of them required mucking around in the database and that’s not something I really want to do. So I’m officially using Coppermine. I’ve tried looking for plugins that will allow me to use my Coppermine images in posts but most of the plugins are no longer being supported and not found on the web. Interesting. I’ll figure something out.

Keeping in tradition of updating…I’ve updated to the recent release of dkret2. The author never seems to take a break. Once he says he does, he release another minor bug fix. I’ve also updated the Now-Reading plugin on this site, which means I need to keep up on my books. I’ve already read 2-3 books past what is listed.

Whew! I’m taking a short break while I wait for my images to upload to Coppermine gallery!

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