I’m a Wanted Man!

Imagine after all these years….first my lonely teenage years where girls just wanted to be my friend and like the brother they always wanted. Now I’ve been married for almost 14 years.

Now I keep getting these emails from woman lining up in Internet cafes to talk to me. It appears I’ve become quite the popular person. Is it because of my witty humor, my rugged looks (I shan’t say good, I don’t want to be vain), my disability so they think I’m rich or is it the fact that I have six children. They obviously know I’m virile. Or it could be because they know that I am unobtainable. I’m the forbidden fruit.

All I have to say to them is this: Where were you when I was a teenager?!

They’ve lost their chance. I should feel sorry for them but I don’t. So Clarisse, Vanessa, and all you others…move along. I’m a happily married man.

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