New iMacs released!

New iMacAfter messing with Windows for years, I’m taking a drastic measure this upcoming fall when I purchase my first Mac. Why? Exactly as I stated at the beginning…I hate messing with Windows. As the OS matures, it’s becoming more bloated, expensive and do we really need so many flavors of the same thing? Holy smokes!

I’ve been intrigued with the Mac for years now…probably about the last 12 years but have been afraid of the change. As I read the previews/reviews of MS Vista, that fear was replaced with anticipation. I’m actually looking forward to learning a new OS and experiencing what thousands or more enjoy everyday….a marvelous piece of work.

I just noticed today that a new model of iMac has been released and does it look like a honey! The possibility of 4 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage blows my mind! Do I need it? I doubt it but hey it sounds cool. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering. If you want to read more about, head here.

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