Premature balding linked to technology!

Hey, I’m serious.  For the last week I haven’t been able to get online.  I was hopping mad (and that’s difficult since I’m disabled!).  I had just changed webhost and now I couldn’t access my site!  My good friend, Mr Papa, assured me that it wasn’t my new host (which site I couldn’t view as well) but could be due to a DNS outage that had occurred around the same time.  So I waited for my ISP to propagate the new DNS…and waited….and waited.

I finally had enough today.  I called my local ISP and complained.  Now just so I don’t sound stupid, I did check my components and everything.  I’ve never had a problem with my NIC or router so why check, right?  I mean the less I move around the better.  Heck, who wants to move around when doped up on Oxycodone, the drug choice of the stars?!  Well, after the ISP guy could see my site, he wanted me to hook the LAN directly into my cable modem.  Grumpily, I did so.  Miracle of all miracles…my site appears.  I love assuming things about myself….like that I’m smarter than the average bear.  It appears the saying is true.  On the bright side, I’m blogging.  Downside…no one is going to read it anyways!

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