Stars Wars: Sacrifice

sacrifice1.jpgThe fifth installment in the Legacy of the Force series, Sacrifice knocks your socks off. It doesn’t pull any punches or spare your feelings.

Unlike Star Trek where main characters hardly ever die, Star Wars authors seem to take killing off main characters as an art form. Remember Chewbacca having a frackin moon fall on him during the Vong Wars? How about little Anakin biting it to save his teammate’s bacon? Jacen tortured.

In steps Sacrifice and true to its title, somebody dies so Jacen can ascend to the Dark throne. Remember little Jacen from the Young Jedi Academy books. That little quiet kid has become a real jerk. He continues to look at his grandfather’s flawed decisions and believes himself better but as the reader, we get to see that’s just not so.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the series but I also love the characters. They’re the embodiment of Star Wars. Who’s going to replace these characters if we keep killing them off and the younger generation gets darker? So far, the young ones haven’t really been popping out any kids and it doesn’t seem to be going to happen any time soon either. So where is it going?

Obviously, I’m going to read the next novel. Who wouldn’t? Luke is torqued and someone is going to feel his wrath.

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