You are Cordially Invited

What with the webhost change and the interesting loops that life throws at you, I haven’t been able to post the wedding photos until now.

Kaley and Justin were married on 22 July 2007. Kara’s aunt, Linda, used my camera to capture a little video for all those interested in viewing. This video has been blended from three separate files. First, my wife, Kara, and her brother, Kavan. My daughters, Abigale and Marijke are standing to the left. Next is my sister-in-law, Kristi, and whomever her escort is and lastly is my sister-in-law, Kaley and her stepfather, Tim Hammond.


If you have problems watching the video, please comment and I can post the individual files.  Here is the link to the photos that were taken during the wedding.  These are the ones that my family took so there will be more as time and other family allow.  Kaley’s Wedding Pics

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