Addicted…to World of Warcraft

I admit it.  I’m addicted.  I purchased my new MacBook Pro with Warcraft in mind (as well as the upcoming ST:Online).  I made sure that I got a good graphics card and enough memory.

I’m playing on the 10 day trial and only have 1 day left but I’ve already purchased the retail version so I can take my level 8 warlock chick to the next level.  I’ve made a few different characters such as Paladin, Druid and Mage and although they were decent…my warlock chick is kicking tail.  If I knew how to take a pic of her, I’d post it.

Now, I’ll be putting my experiences here as well.  If I find some clever hints that have been passed to me by others, I will.  One thing I’ve found in the WoW is the people there are amazing.  Yes, there are those that are specifically there to play games and nothing but.  I’ve also found those that are more than willing to help advance your character and show you the ropes.  For them, I am grateful.  I wouldn’t have had my imp at level 2 if it wasn’t for one of those members.

By the way, for those that like to duel…pick your opponents judiciously.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been challenged to a duel by a level 20 or higher.  Are these people nuts?!?  Why would they do so?  What’s in it for them?  Does it make them feel better to find someone lower than them?  Do they have an inferiority complex in real life and this is there escape?  But then I have to laugh…a gnome warlock kicking my tail was kinda cute…all about 2 seconds.

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