Another leap for Dutch genealogy

I’ve always been impressed with the Dutch and the importance they place on records.  As far as I know, they have one of the most comprehensive record database.  One such site, Genlias has to date almost 10.5 million records that contain information from over 43 million individuals.  This has been done by almost all volunteers (if any Dutch are reading this and can reveal more information, I’d appreciate it!).

December 20, 2007 marks another landmark event for genealogists interested in Dutch records and such.   Allegroningers will share information from the 17th century to the 1950’s, supposedly carrying all records such as birth, death and marriage.  What’s amazing about it is not only does it give the information but shows the backup documentation.  That’s awesome especially for those that for one reason or another cannot travel.

Another interesting tidbit about this database.  Individuals can contribute their own sources such as photos, stories, etc.  It looks like for these type of “personal databases”, members will have to pay a fee, which at this time sounds only fair.

Kudos to all those that have made this possible.  I’ll make sure to be online in a few days to check this out and see what it has to offer.

Many thanks to Eltje and Geesjen Doddema for sharing this information.


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