WoWA stands for World of Warcraft Anonymous.  I think it’s going to be the latest craze in support groups.  I could make millions.  How addicting is WoW?

To start out….I have two characters of my own.  One is a warlock and the other is a paladin.  My wife decided that she had to have a character…which is a mage.  My children, all six of them, saw me playing and I had to make one for each of them.  These range from hunters, warlocks, priest and warrior.  All characters played by me.  Obviously I don’t level up very fast.  I try to take one character at a time and get them as far as I can go before the other kids throw a fit about how much time I’m spending on the others…usually that’s about level 12.

My highest character is only a level 21.  I’ll be lucky to get it to a 70 before the end of the year….and we’re just starting!  C’mon, 8 characters that I have to try to level!  Then it’s not just about class leveling, there’s skill.  I have a couple tailors, one enchanter, leatherworking, three miners and 2 blacksmiths, an engineer, an alchemist and one that just gathers herbs and skins.

I recently participated in a guild event, which I won!  I think I got about 25 gold pieces from that.  Being the nice guy that I am…I divided it up among the characters.  Needless to say, just about all my characters have at least 3 gold pieces now.  I need to take more characters through dungeons so they can make their own money.  Speaking of the guild….I consider myself lucky that I have such a good one.  The Order of the Realm actually helps people out which I find extremely impressive.  Not only will they drop whatever they’re doing to help you finish a quest or take you through the dungeons but will make stuff for you as well.  One member takes great pleasure in going to the auction house and buying new armor and weapons for you.  Honestly!

Do you see how addicting it can be?  I’ll give you another example.  I should be ashamed….but sadly, I’m not.  I was playing my wife’s character last night, Evelae, a level 13 mage.  Lo and behold, I’m soon playing with 3 other female characters.  We were bad a$$!  There were male characters lined up watching us whup some tail.  We would taunt them and then just laugh.  How sad is that?!  The other players found it very amusing that I was a male…besides the fact that I was the oldest player in the group.

Another example…again with my wife’s character, whom by the way, I made very attractive.  I mean, why not, it’s my wife’s character!  Well this one character comes up to me and asks if I’m a girl in real life and if he can follow me around.  I ask how old this person is and he’s 9!!!!!!  I’m being hit on by a 9 year old!  Life can be so jacked up!  Well and funny too since I was rolling on the floor laughing about it.

So, I’ll be the first member of WoWA.  Hi, my name is Bernard Doddema and I’m addicted to World of Warcraft and that makes me happy!

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