Behind the Times

I know I’ve been negligent. Both my sites have fallen behind. I haven’t upgraded since 2.3.1 which was whenever and my main site…well the genealogy software has gone through 2 revisions. Why?

Depression: Yeah, you see the corny commercials that depression hurts. In reality, it really does not only physically but spiritually and mentally. I’ve been a basket case. Nothing has been interesting me lately and that’s even including my passion of genealogy! I use the make-believe world of World of Warcraft to escape the pain.

World of Warcraft: So while the game has been a way for me to deal with the depression, it’s also been a crutch. I became lost in the game. I made a character for ever person in my family which is eight total. I then made two extra characters for myself so I could get play those characters that most interested me. I was so deep into it that I tried to level everyone up evenly by playing each kid’s character on a special given day. I quickly gave that up once I realized that with all the time that I spend on their characters, I’ve been neglecting my own. I could have been a level 70 easily by now.

I’m getting better. I don’t know why whether it’s the idea that spring is on its way…whatever. It doesn’t matter. I’m not so depressed. Yes, it comes and goes but it’s not a constant shadow over my life. I’ve actually become excited about genealogy again. The thought of Star Trek makes me happy and I’m reading books again. Yes, I’m on the right path….and that feels good.

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