Found: Another Dodde line

I’m ecstatic.  Another family member has contacted me with information regarding our shared ancestry.  Haijo Dodde emailed me a little while back with some information and images.  As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t speak Dutch so I wrote Haijo back asking for a translation.

He responded back today with loads of information for our enjoyment.  A big thanks goes to Haijo and his family.  That’s right, Haijo is the proud father of three; the youngest just being born in Nov 2007.

Following is an excerpt from what he wrote to me.  I hope he doesn’t mind.

Through Google I noticed your website and I think it’s very interesting to look at the family tree of the Doddema’s/Dodde’s. My name is Haijo Dodde (1964). In the family tree my granddad is mentioned (also Haijo Dodde, born 1894 in Meeden, son of Hiltjo Dodde, born 1863 in Veendam). Maybe in the future I can send you more information for the family tree. By the way, I’m father of three kids. The last one is called Sam Dodde, he was born on November 18 2007, so maybe he’s the youngest member at this moment of our big family.

The documents I send you last time are pictures of the book of marriage from my grandparents (Haijo Dodde-Gerhardina Prins), child nr. 6 (Hiltjo Kasper) was my dad.

Greetings from Holland,

Haijo Dodde

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