Legacy 7 update

My good friend and friend to all genealogists, Renee, wrote a post about the newest addition to the upcoming release of Legacy 7.  I suggest reading her article but the basic gist of the message was that they are incorporating Microsoft Virtual Earth into the program.  This will allow users to associate locations with a map to track the events of an individual’s life.  Pretty cool.  I know TNG, the software that I use to display genealogy on this site, uses Google Maps.  If it looks half as good….I’d be happy.

Unfortunately it appears that web creation will not be given a makeover.  That’s too bad.  While TNG is a great piece for software, it doesn’t exactly integrate nicely with the rest of the site but that can be a post for another day.  Most know that I’m not a big fan of Microsoft which begs the question…why Microsoft Virtual Earth when there’s Google Maps and/or Google Earth?  It would be interesting to find out.

For those that want to read the article, please check the following: Legacy 7 secret is out

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