Visit with Renee

Given that Kara’s surgery was to take place in Salt Lake City, I decided to contact a good friend of mine and to the LDS genealogy world, Renee Zamora.  We’ve been emailing each other on and off during the past few years and I figured it would be an good time to finally meet face to face.  There are always questions that I have regarding genealogy and I knew that Renee would be the one to help.

After making sure Kara was ok at the hospital, I had my father-in-law drop me off at the Family History Library with laptop in tow.  The meeting was fantastic.  While I though it would be a mainly one-way conversation with her sharing her insight into the workings of genealogy, I was fortunate enough to share information with her regarding my website, web hosting, the awesome genealogy collaboration software I use on the site called TNG and trying to implement into CMS’s such as Joomla, WordPress, etc.

On the flip side, she taught me how to use censuses.  Yes, I know.  I should know how but I’ve never really used them as a genealogy tool before.  By doing so, I was able to find my wife’s grandfather’s family.  Although I had some information regarding that family, I didn’t know that they had boarders.  When her family was told about it, they mentioned that they remember Grandpa telling them how their parents opened their doors up for anybody.  This must have been one of those times.

All in all, everything worked out.  It might not have been an opportune time but it was the best we could do under the situation.

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