NFS rollout resumes

New FamilySearch (commonly NFS) has had its ups and downs.  If you’ve been following its progress, you know that it has potential and future application.  It definitely takes genealogy to the next level for Latter-day Saints.  Right now, preparing names for temple work is painstakingly slow and inaccurate.  I use Legacy to prepare my records which even allows me to check Church records to see if work has been completed.  I then have to take it to the FHC (family history center) for the Windows application TempleReady which again checks to see if the work has been completed.  Unfortunately this check is at least 6 months outdated…and I did say at least!

The new version, which can’t even be called a new version but a total new way of doing things is all online.  Upload your family Gedcom, check against real-time work and pick the individuals that work needs to be done for.  You then print out a bar-coded paper and take it to the Temple.  Once scanned, temple workers are able to see what work is to be done at that time.  Simplicity at its finest.

Unfortunately, it’s hit a few snags.  It’s a big job and lots of temples to bring into play….over 100.  Rollout had stopped due to some technical issues but according to Renee Zamora’s blog…has begun again.  She even has a sheet with rollout dates which she keeps track pretty regularly.

I’m impatiently waiting for our nearest temple, Spokane, WA, to be added to the list.  At this time it’s undetermined when it will become available.  Until then, I’m stuck in the past.

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