Star Trek Manga #3

Star Trek Manga #3Coming to a store near you in July 2008 is the third installment of Trek Manga entitled “Aratanaru Michi e, Uchu lit. “To a New Path”, “Space”

Although not a big fan of manga, I love the way they do Trek. If you haven’t read the first two….you’re missing out! The second volume even included work by Wil Wheaton. I hated him as snotty Wesley but as an author…he’s great! He has a real handle on what’s Trek.

For a quick preview of what’s going to happen in this latest volume:

The Voyage of the Starship Enterprise Continues…TOKYOPOP delivers new manga-style stories of the classic U.S.S. Enterprise crew in this third installment of the Star Trek the manga series. In Uchu: David Gerrold (writer of the famous “Trouble with Tribbles” episode) brings us a rumpus on the Enterprise as the mysterious, teddy bear-like creature Bandi runs amok with a pretty virulent vibes. Wil Wheaton returns with a Klingon confrontation that may test Kirk’s resolute hatred of them. Nathaniel Bowden brings us a society in which bureaucrats run wild. And Luis Reyes tries to glimpse the softer side of Spock. Stories include: Art of War (Story by Wil Wheaton and Art by E.J. Su), Inalienable Rights (Story by Nathaniel Bowden and Art by Heidi Arhnold), Bandi (Story by David Gerrold and Art by Don Hudson), and The Humanitarian (Story by Luis Reyes and Art by Nate Watson)

Remember to pick it up in your local comic shop in July!

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