Moving Weekend Part Deux

It’s now been a couple weeks since the move weekend or should I say the move weekend from h – e – double hockey sticks!!!  It was a nightmare.  First off, we had asked both our old and new ward to help move our stuff over to the new house.  We were told “No Problem!”  Half an hour after the given time, our old ward showed up with 6 guys.  Cool!  So how about the new ward?  Never showed up…at all!  We were only able to get about 1/2 of our stuff into the new garage that day. 

Sunday rolls around and Kara decided enough was enough.  She walked into our new ward during their allotted hours and found the Elder’s Quorum President talking about a new family that was moving in.  Kara stepped into the room and announced that it was her family and where was everybody.  If only I could have been there to see that!  Haha.  The president told her he was scared to come to church that day because he didn’t want to have to face her.  On the positive side, I do have to hand it to him as he did call to ask for volunteers and had several lined up…..who just decided not to show.  Monday was the day we were going to get help.

Did our initial inspection of the house and what a disappointment.  Nothing had been cleaned or fixed.  Luckily, our landlord is having her handyman fix things up as well as a maid to clean up the mess left by the previous tenants before we actually do an inspection.

Monday…we did get help…to the tune of about 4 people at around 5:30 pm.  Obviously not everything was moved over from the old house.  We were able to get the beds put together.  Tuesday someone came to help and then we were  told that was all the help that could be given!  It wasn’t until Friday that we finished the move.

Then there was the whole getting the old house ready to turn over the landlord.  I tried to make it easy for Kara by hiring a maid and carpet cleaner.  Carpet cleaner did great.  Maid…not so great.  In fact, she did a really bad job.  Left most everything unfinished.  Kara and her aunt had to do most of it their selves.

So, word to the wise….hire movers.  The $1000 for a local move would have been well worth it!  Luckily, I can say the move is over and now we’re in the process of settling in.  Another story altogether.

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