What’s New as of June 22

The move has kept us insanely busy.  Unpacking, painting, sorting, organizing, yard work, more painting, repairs…it almost feels like we bought the home but yet we’re just renting.  Loads of work needs to be done to actually call this place a “home”.

Sort of like all the work that needs to be done with this site.  My good friend, Mr Papa (Steve), is walking me through the process of moving all Gallery2 photos over to the new built-in WordPress gallery.  It’s one of my goals for this upcoming week.  Another goal is to work in inputting all the information that others have sent me.  It’s taken a long time to get everything situated and now with the new version of Legacy7, it should make things loads easier.

Another goal is to make the site more “accessible” to family.  Right now, I’m getting the feeling that people think that this is just my site and that they can’t participate.  I’m trying to find a way to change that.  Here’s what I’ve come up with….but not definite as of yet.

It’s called BuddyPress.  Here’s some sites to look at to get a better idea what it does: New BuddyPress theme and BuddyPress.  Why BuddyPress?  One of the things that I love about Joomla is one of their plugins called “Community Builder” where extended profiles can be made.  It shows your information such as name, interests and also adds recent photos that you’ve added and groups that you belong to.

Social networking is a hot thing right now with MySpace and FaceBook the leaders.  Personally I can’t stand MySpace and FaceBook just isn’t my thing.  This has potential.  This is where DoddemaGen could and should be headed….where everybody has their own space but yet all interconnected.

So…what do you say?  Should we consider it?

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