First, I’ve uploaded an updated genealogy database.  I’m a statistics kids of guy so here’s what’s changed.

  • Old
    • Individuals: 3522
    • Families:     1515
  • New:
    • Individuals: 3886
    • Families:     1650

That’s over 300 individuals added within the last 2 weeks. How?  I’ve been putting off adding more of Kuhn’s history for the last 4 years because I’ve been so intent on the Doddema line.  Since the my Internet is down, I’ve had loads of time to add this information in.  I’m sure there will be an update to the update once families look at it.

I’ve recently upgraded to the newest version of Legacy (v7) which now has templates for sources that follows the genealogical standard so some of the sources that you find may look different to you.  Give me some time and all sources will be changed over to the new system.

I mentioned the Internet.  I’ve already put it on Twitter but since we moved, I changed from cable modem to DSL.  Big mistake.  Super slow.  Since I play World of Warcraft and do genealogy, I need fast access and DSL just wasn’t cutting it.  So I made the decision to go back to cable modem.  2 weeks ago I called the cable company and was told that the fastest they could come out was September 8th.  4 weeks to receive service!!!!  That’s ridiculous but there’s nothing I can do about it.

Until then, I’ll be using the local public library which interestingly enough, whose wi-fi was down earlier this week.  Go figure.  I’ll be checking emails and such throughout the week, probably every other day or so so don’t give up on me.  I’m still here and very much dedicated to DoddemaGen.

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