Elections and whatnot

Life’s crazy.  I’m thinking people are even crazier.  As a disabled person, I was wondering why I haven’t received my absentee ballot so I called the local courthouse.  Their response?  Well, when I filled out the registration 4 years ago, I didn’t write “Permanent” in the box.  Was that even a given option or some instruction?  Nope.  The solution?  I’m supposed to go to the courthouse with my ID, re-register for permanent absentee ballot as well as pick up the current one.

Isn’t that delightful?  At least I can’t blame voter fraud on this; this is all Montana.  ACORN is off the hook today.

As far as whatnot is concerned, Kara (my wife) is going to be taking a more active role in writing articles/posts.  Her main goal is writing about our family and all the stuff we do ie accomplishments, dreams, etc.  I wish her luck.  Hopefully she can draw attention back to this site.

On that note, and it’s an issue I’m normally not confrontational about but if you visit the site and like it….say something.  Anything.  The comments are open to guests and registered members alike.  Registration just makes it possible to help contribute in our family history project.

Now I’m not going to drop any hints or anything but even in-laws can participate on this site.  If your family is on this site, you have every right to participate.  Tell a family story, share some recipes or give us the latest news on your family.

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