Rant and upcoming Presidential Debate

The second Presidential Debate is tonight.  It will be interesting seeing how this one plays out.  Is this the night the gloves come off?  Is this the night that America finally starts getting some answers?  Is this when we can really see our presidential elects for who they really are?  I hope so.

For my son’s birthday dinner with extended family, he proudly told them that this family was voting for McCain.  He was told that “figures Bernard (that’s me) would vote that way” and proceeded to tell my 14 year old son that Obama was their choice and why.  I want to make one point clear and I’ll only say this once.  I’ve said it over and over again; for months now I’ve said that this will be the most important election in our generation.  Because of that, I’ve been interested in knowing our candidates.  Yes, it’s true I normally vote Republican but I was actually looking at all candidates this year.  I wanted to learn all I could about them to see who would be the right President for this time. 

I’ve watched all the speeches including the Democratic Convention.  I’ll say this…Obama is charasmatic.  No questioning that.  He says all the right words and then he gives that million dollar smile and people are flocking to his side.  He promises change.  How?  It hasn’t been spelled out how he plans to implement his “plans”.  I’m going to say something that some might think ludricious but I can see it coming a mile away.  Get Obama on the defensive and we’re going to hear the discrimation cry.

Are any of the candidates without fault?  No.  John McCain isn’t perfect.  Governor Palin isn’t perfect (although funny).  Why are they my choice?  They’re honest and sincere.  They have a track record of change.  While “maverick” has been a little overused, I can only imagine that they are considered that in Washington.  The “average Joe”, like me, wants someone who is honest with the people, not someone who uses pretty words.  I’d rather they have an accent, use bad grammar but is sincere, hard working and will truly represent their constituents.

The VP debate, the first ever held, was a smashing success.  I loved it and I think the VP candidates did as well.  I think Joe Biden and Sarah Palin did extremely well.  The reason I think Palin won the debate was because she dispelled the media’s belief that she was a ditz (The woman has a dry sense of humor.  Take it from one that has it, people sometimes don’t get your jokes.).  She was intelligent, thoughtful and quick on her feet.  Her quips such as “It ain’t so Joe” and others cracked me up.  Both were sincere in their respect for our military forces.  I loved it when Palin brought up the fact that Biden voted along with McCain on important issues, opposite of Obama.

So as I stated at the beginning, the debate tonight is important.  If John McCain wants to win this election, he needs to take the nice gloves off.  I know his advisors wanted him to appear the nice grandfatherly type.  Now with Obama’s accusations that the current economic crisis is the fault of McCain (because McCain is “more of the same”), Senator McCain needs to spell it out for the American people.  McCain wanted tougher regulations on the housing market.  Obama didn’t.

Recently on the O’Reilly Report, Bill O’Reilly mentioned that nobody has asked Senator Obama how he plans on paying for his proposed budget.  Call Obama out that his budget calls for bigger government.  I’ll write another article on O’Reilly’s view about the current crisis.

Another question that I would like asked and answered is why hasn’t Obama been to see our soldiers?  Lastly and most importantly, for a man who states that we should have no soldiers in Iraq and wants to see them leave, please, please tell me why he had a meeting with Iraqi leaders asking for no talks about withdrawal until after the election?  Please ask this question.  I would love to hear the answer because I already have an inkling what the true answer would be.

So watch the debate tonight and we better hope that Senator McCain comes in swinging.

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