Apologies to Jeannette Bakker

It appears there has been a genealogy goof.  Most of the information on my site has been submitted to me by many others.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t grasped the intricacies of sources so I don’t know who provided the data.  The problem: my records say that Jeannette Bakker is dead.

Jeannette Bakker herself corrected this error by sending me an email.  I’m happy to say that she was polite about it.  I don’t know if I would have been.  I apologized profusely and if you’re looking at this Jeannette, again I apologize.

I extended this invitation to Jeannette just as I’m extending this to you: if you notice any errors on my site, please feel free to submit corrections. I would really appreciate it.  My goal is to have accurate and reliable information.

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