Enjoy My Meds!

I’m frustrated.  Normally I call the VA pharmacy a week ahead of time if I need a refill on my meds.  I make sure I save enough so that I don’t run into any lapse especially with my pain meds.  It’s touch and go but for once I did everything right.

In steps the VA this month.  Want a blunder, they have it.  I called last Thursday for my refill and it was sent out on the 3rd.  The 4th it was delivered to m PREVIOUS address which is now inhabited by college students.  So…those at 925 Edith St, hope you enjoy the oxycodone high!

What frustrates me to no end is that ever since I moved in June, I’ve been getting my meds with no problem.  Now I don’t?  The VA says it’s my fault even though I made sure to change my address.  Now I don’t know what to do…what use are pain meds if I don’t have them.  The most wonderful part about this whole thing….forecast shows rain all weekend.  That means more pain…and no relief.

Again, thanks VA and the honest folk over at 925 Edith St!  Hope you enjoy

One thought on “Enjoy My Meds!”

  1. My previous neighbor checked with the new tenants and amazingly enough they hadn’t seen anything. Just a few days later, they brought over another VA package. Hmmm….suspicious or honest?

    The post office claims no responsibility for the error although I did have address forwarding. The VA claims no responsibility because they say they had the wrong address on record although they had been sending packages to me for a few months before this happened with no errors.

    The one that suffers….me. I had to go to a local doctor to prescribe me my meds. I plan to talk to the VA on my semi-yearly visit (luckily in December).

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