Found Shirley Dodde-Brown

I haven’t opened my email for the last couple days and for that I apologize (I need to start that World of Warcraft Anonymous group that I was talking about a while ago).  Fortunately, I opened it today and was pleasantly surprised and ecstatic to find that a family member found our site and contacted me.  This a big deal for me.  Most of the information on this site has been gathered due to the work provided by those that found this site on the Internet.

Here’s the contents of the email:

Good Morning,

I stumbled on your site by accident-I had no idea that there was anything out there on our family.  I started looking around a few years ago and contacted someone in the Netherlands and was going to continue, but life got in the way.

Anyway, you’ve got some awesome work going here?  I want to spend more time looking around.

I am the daughter of Harm and the grand-daughter of Dries and Johanna and the great grand-daughter of Drees and Altja (sp).  Where do you come in?

I just spent a couple of hours with Ray Dykhouse this week.  He has been researching his Dykhouse roots and has some great pictures, a few of them were Doddes.

He is the son of Drice Dykhouse who is the son of Emma Dodde who is the sister of my grandfather Dries.

If you get some time let me know a little about you?  Meantime thanks again for the work you’ve done.

Happy Saturday!  Gotta get the walking shoes on, there are five mile of pavement to hit before I start my day.


Welcome Shirley!  I look forward to working with you and would love to learn more about your family.

(I’ve had this post saved since 12 July 2008.  Finally getting around to posting.)

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