Vote or Shut It!

I’m a strong believer in our rights as Americans to vote.  I don’t give a fig about the naysayers on how your vote doesn’t count. While I don’t believe in the electoral college and believe it should be done away with, I still believe my voice matters.

The one thing that really, really gets my blood boiling is those that complain about the government or get all worked up about the election and then not vote.  For the past year I’ve had to listen to people complain and argue with me about their viewpoints only to have them not vote?  The way I see it, you don’t vote….SHUT IT!!!

When you give up your right to vote, you give up your right to complain about your government.  You give up your right to say why one side is better than the other.

There’s still time to register to vote.  Take the time to let your voice be heard.  Take the time to think.

I’ve said before that this election is more emotional than anything which to me makes it a scary election.  I’ve heard others mention that the economy is the big thing.  Hasn’t it always?  For the poor folk (and just to make it clear, that’s lower than middle class!), the economy sucks and always has.

Most know which way I’m going to vote. Neither is my candidate of choice but I will stick with McCain/Palin.  Since the economy really isn’t an issue with me, I’m not swayed by Obama’s hypnotic voice.  What does sway me is this:

  • Iran, Hezbollah and Venezuelan president Chavez all support Obama.
  • Tax the upper middle class and higher as evidenced with Joe the Plumber so those lower can get the crumbs as Tito the Builder mentioned (basically government welfare).
  • Blocks the press when doesn’t make him look good. (Biden interview pulled because Biden goofed; video of Obama, Ayers and other known “terrorists” blocked from public viewing)

There’s more but this is enough.  When the only TV station that will talk about him without ogling is FoxNews, something is wrong.

Vote! Vote! Vote!  I don’t care which way you go…just vote.

BTW, just sent in my absentee ballot!

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