Jessie Blood

Emmett Kadwell provided the following information about his grandmother, Electa A. Richardson:

Jessie Kate (Blood) Richardson was born November 15, 1975 in Pinora Township, near Chase Michigan. She is the daughter of Zachary and Electa Blood. She died July 16, 1933 at 57 years of age. She married Justius Richardson in Reed City, MI on September 24, 1891. She had four children: Dolly who died in infancy, Henry, Guy, and Electa. Electa was my grandmother, and Jessie my great grandmother. I have a copy of the obit from the Osceloa County Herald. Hope this is helpful.

Emmett H. Kadwell Jr

Thanks Emmett. It gives me more information than I had before. Would you be able to provide that obit copy so I can add it to her record? Do you have any pictures that you would be willing to share?

Also, just to clarify on the dates, should the date be November 15, 1875 instead of 1975 for Jessie Blood?

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