Little Updates

It’s been awhile since I last wrote.  One holiday has come and gone and others are fast approaching.  In fact, today in the Netherlands is Sinterklaasavond! Usually my family does a little celebration of this by giving some small gift, usually costing less than a couple dollars.  Some of the Doddema family have submitted their Sinterklaas memories (check December 2006 archives).

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve created a Facebook page.  I remember reading somewhere that it was a good way to advertise.  I was amazed to see so many Doddema’s.  I’ve been able to correspond with some of them and have gained some valuable information, mostly corrections at this point.  One of my Dutch relatives also suggested a Dutch version of Facebook called Hyve.  It’s pretty similar to Facebook but alas, in a different language which makes it a little more difficult for me to use.  I’m pushing through though.  There are over a hundred Doddemas on the Hyve network!!!!!  Most of them are teenagers that I have never heard of.  What an amazing find!  Thanks goes to Dievertje for that one!!!!

I’m currently at work on integrating my genealogy page with my WordPress theme which means I need to update TNG (my genealogy software) to the latest version.  Expect this to be finished by the end of the month.  One integration that I have already added is a WordPress widget that allows you to search the genealogy database from the sidebar.  Very nice!  It looks like it needs some CSS work but otherwise works great.

I’m also going to be changing how I handle tags.  Tags will now be done using surnames making it easier to find posts related by surname.  The categories will become a little more expanded to fill the gap.

While I’d like to add some additional plugins, I’m going to wait until the release of WP 2.7.  No reason using something for a week only to find that it won’t work after the upgrade.  The theme will probably have to be modified to allow for the comment threading and whatever additional changes.  I am looking forward to 2.7 though.  It looks like it incorporates many “friendly” improvements.

Lastly, my wife is going to be taking over the our family posts.  I figure people have heard enough from me.  I’ll continue to write about site updates, genealogy news and finds.  Until next time.

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