Thomas Bernard Wheeler

I have to apologize for not recognizing Thomas Bernard Wheeler immediately.  Last month (November 2008) I received an email from an address I usually don’t check.  I thought I had shut down all domain related emails and forwarded everything to my Gmail one.  Obviously, that isn’t so.  So a big apology goes to Robert Klukas, the great grand-nephew of Thomas Bernard Wheeler.

The following are the contents of the email that I received:

Thomas Bernard Wheeler is the son of Mary Byrnes Wheeler. Following the “death” of her husbanc in Ireland MBW and her 3 sons migrated to USA. Stayed a time in Pennsylvania. Bought land from a speculator in what is now Kandiyohi country, just north of Atwater, between Wheeler and Schultz lakes. They came to Minnesota from Pennsylvania around 1854-1855. Patrick W. Wheeler now farms the homestead. If you do the math, the Wheeler farm is now in the Wheeler family for 150+ years.

My mother is Hannorah Monica Wheeler Klukas. Her Father is William Wheeler. William Wheeler is the son of one of Mary Byrnes Wheelers’ 3 sons who came with her from Ireland, who is also named William Wheeler. Thus, my great grandfather and my great-great grandmother came to Minnesota with Thomas B Wheeler.

I had heard that some of the Wheelers went to Montana to try ranching, etc., but it sounded to me that things did not go too well due to drought and the Great Depression.

If you know more family history please feel free to add information.

robert klukas

Thank you Robert!  I gave it to my mother-in-law and she was ecstatic!  How am I related?  I’m the husband of the 2 x great granddaughter of Thomas Bernard Wheeler.  Now that’s pretty cool.

If you’d like to provide more information about Thomas Bernard Wheeler and his relatives, please feel free to contact me.  Although registration is not required to participate in the forum discussion of Thomas Bernard Wheeler, it helps.

I look forward to hearing from you.