Welcome Emmett Kadwell

I would like to welcome Emmett Kadwell to DoddemaGen.  21 hours ago he commented on one of his relatives, in fact, giving me more information than I had before.  Thanks Emmett!

Emmett’s grandmother is Electa A. Richardson, who is the wife of the cousin of me 3 times removed (and yes, if you can tell from the wording that I copied it….you bet.  That’s a mouthful!).

Welcome Emmett!  If there’s anything you need, please contact me!  If you see further items that you would like corrected, please post in the forum.  One of the great features of this site is that you can start a blog post and have it continued in the forum!  A wonderful way to get people to see all of DoddemaGen.

Have some good family stories about your grandmother?  Pictures, etc. please feel free to share.  I look forward to a great relationship.

(Note: source information about Electa Richardson to follow in next post)

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