What’s New – March 1, 2009


It’s the beginning of a new month and changes for the DoddemaGen site.  One should have been immediately noticeable and that would be the new header created by my friend, Cathy.  There’s still a few tweaks that I would like to have done but send your feedback.  I’d like to hear what you think.  DoddemaGen is constantly remaking itself and that’s no more evident that in our new Facebook page.

Why Facebook?  It’s one of the biggest social networking sites around and more than 100 Doddema’s are members.  Since I’ve placed DoddemaGen there, I’ve added an entire family line that I didn’t have before and that’s exciting.  I’ve made it possible for all new blog posts to be posted to the Facebook page as well so users there can be directed here to look over the site and hopefully (fingers crossed) become more involved in our project.  Currently, all photos have been uploaded on the Facebook page and are being redirected here on the “Photo” page.  See how it’s all tying together?!  Since DoddemaGen is becoming more socially integrated, I’ve added a plugin that will allow users and/or visitors alike to either send the post to their social network or print/email.

As DoddemaGen is a worldwide community, it would be the height of hubris for me to think that everybody who comes to this site would speak English especially considering most of the Doddema’s in the world are located in the Netherlands.  I’m neither bilingual or multilingual.  My Dutch vocabulary extends about as far as the basic genealogy terms that I’ve had to teach myself as well as copying/pasting into online translators.  Most likely, those from different countries have to do the same thing to read this blog.  No more!  I’ve added a plugin into the sidebar to the right that will allow you to choose the language that you want.  It translates the entire page!

Why all these changes?  While I would love to have more participation on this site (whether commenting, writing articles or providing genealogy information), DoddemaGen is just trying to expand to meet everybody’s needs…currently and for the future.  We’re still growing and learning.

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