Vogel Center Cemetery fun facts

There are times when researching can actually be fun.  Sure, I love finding out names, birth dates, etc. but genealogy is so much more.  Today was just one of those fun times.

Believe it or not, it all started with me updating my  new gallery.  I’m trying to move everything over to nextgen gallery (a WordPress plugin) and was adding descriptions so I had to open up RootsMagic v4 to get the information that I needed.  Since I just switched from Legacy to RootsMagic, I’m still trying to learn everything available to me.  One is adding the GPS coordinates just not for the place name but the place detail.

For my  example, I’ll use Roelof Lutke.  He died in Vogel Center, Missaukee, Michigan, United States.  According to my source, he was buried at the Vogel Center Cemetery.  One would assume that it would be the same town.  One would assume wrong as I did and the individual I sourced.  According to GPS data and the Michigan wiki, Vogel Center Cemetery is actually in Marion, Missaukee, Michigan, United States.

What makes it even more fun is Vogel Center Cemetery is 1.4 miles from Vogel Center and 7 miles from Marion!  Even better, Marion is also part of Osceola county.  Trust me, Michigan is weird that way.  According to the wiki, Vogel Center and Marion (zip code 49665) are part of Clam Union Township.  The other part of Marion resides outside of the township, therefore belonging to Osceola county as well.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any images or a website of the cemetery but I did find something by doing a simple Google search – a record of all residents of the Vogel Center Cemetery (yes, genealogy humor).  Perusing through the record shows up other possible family members – the Dodde family (a breakoff of the Doddema name).  It looks like I have some work ahead of me.

Moral of the story: if you ever get bored just blindly entering data, google the area.  You might find more than you expected!


For some reason, I had a feeling to do another search on this elusive mystery (thought case solved).  Good thing I did.  Histopolis.com shows that Vogel Center Cemetery is considered to be in Clam Union Township, Missaukee County.  It makes a certain sort of sense when you think of it.  None of my programs liked having a town with 2 separate counties.  You can see the problem with that,  can’t you?

Link to site: Histopolis Additional information on Vogel Center Cemetery, Clam Union Township, Missaukee County, Michigan, United States and other places is available on Histopolis.com

Case closed!  I’m in such a giving mood, I’m including the image of the cemetery.

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