Hendrik Doddema (1932-2009) – a tribute

written by his son, Aaldrik Doddema

My father was born (17-8-1932) in Muntendam and died in Muntendam (20-3-2009).

He started as a truck driver ( age 18 ) in my grandfather’s grocery’s, later he became a truck driver
for a factory in school furniture for 6 years. After that he was a bus driver for 26 years.
He was a husband, father off 4 sons ( nickname The Daltons ) and grandfather.

He liked to watch soccer and speed skating, talked a lot about his youth and he liked shanty-songs.
After my brother died in 1999 he was never the same man anymore.
In September 2009 my parents would be married for 50 years but he didn’t make it!!

I’d like to thank Aaldrik for contacting me and sharing this tribute of a wonderful man, Hendrik Doddema.

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