Weekly Tweets on 2010-12-26

  • do i have a legacy http://amzn.com/k/1VSIDSGZYCCSE #Kindle #
  • Loving the snow; dumped couple days ago n still have it! #
  • My youngest turns 8 today! Last time that age will be celebrated in this house; definite wake-up call!! #
  • Came out from store; looks like someone rammed cart into side of van!! Huge scratches on our new van! Kara talking to manager #
  • I’m #reading The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander http://bit.ly/dN9wk9 #
  • My head is still killing me but will try to go to bed now. What do you think are my chances of falling asleep? #
  • 2 of 5 stars to The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander http://bit.ly/dN9wk9 #
  • I’m #reading Vortex by Troy Denning http://bit.ly/ifDN5E #
  • Last minute shopping at mall-pure hell! Why did I volunteer to come along? #
  • Next year I want nada except stuff for genealogy or digiphoto class! #
  • Over at kara’s grandma for kids presents; then to kara’s other grandmother for dinner. I’m grateful my kids know their great-grandparents! #
  • Heading to grandma wheeler’s house now! #
  • Kids are blowing bubbles while waiting for dinner to be ready #
  • @SarahPalinUSA merry christmas to you and your family from the Doddema family in reply to SarahPalinUSA #
  • Dinner is served-prime rib and ham! Yum yum #
  • Great dinner; cleaning up then presents for kids #
  • Driving around looking at lights #
  • Off to bed so santa can come! Have I been bad or good? Hmmm #

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