2011 Goals

Normally I don’t keep resolutions.  I don’t like setting myself up for a possible failure.  It’s worked well for me in the past but not so much anymore.  I started writing my goals Monday (27 December 2010) after reading Amy Coffin’s post regarding her blogging buddy and their upcoming resolutions.  Since Monday’s post by Amy, I read other genealogist’s goals and was amazed at the thought that went into their resolutions.  They actually made sense!

I may be proud but I’m not stupid.  I know a good idea when I see one.  I still have some questions and I may flounder a little but, luckily, I can turn to some awesome genealogists.

Resources to use:

Sorting Saturday – Digital Surname Sorting
Sorting Saturday – Hard Drive Organization
First Things First: The Historian Needs Organizing – based on comments (thanks to Michelle Goodrum), check the following
Tuesday’s Tips: Organizing Your Digital Files and related posts on same blog
Family History Genealogy Made Easy – episode 32 & 33  on hard drive organization
Organize Your Hard Drive – a YouTube video from Family Tree Magazine
Modifying Dropbox for Genealogists

Research Goals:

  • Find evidence of frank demereck (demereckis) and spouse
    • Include death certificates, birth and marriage information

Organization Goal:

  • Organize files and folders following myrt’s system including images
  • Use tags and other metadata
  • Develop system of tags (premade)
  • Make sample folders for easy template-copy and rename
  • Redo all legacy sources to rootsmagic

Backup Goal:

  • Use Dropbox as suggested by myrt
  • Use external drive to make copy of everything
  • Keep external gedcom updated (doddemagen.com/tng)

DoddemaGen Goals:

  • Blog at least 2x/wk regardless if use meme
  • Blog as I research; tell obstacles, successes, etc
  • Use blog and forum for correspondence (source documentation)
  • Still debating the age-old question: how to handle galleries?  Flickr or just use WordPress plugins to display?
  • Keep TNG updated with latest gedcom, images, documents

Personal goals:

  • Daily prayer
  • Daily scripture reading
  • Start writing in my journal again
  • Use RSS Reader to view current posts and/or articles (view nightly instead of first thing in the morning)

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