Back to action

Believe it or not, I needed a break from genealogy and blogging.  As you might have noticed, the blog has run stagnant this last couple years and I completely stopped doing genealogy the past 6 months or so.  Why?

The Why?

The last couple of years have been pretty rough: multiple ER visits, sickness, trials galore, etc.  For those that know me, I had been on pain narcotics for over 8 years when last April, I decided enough was enough.  Cold turkey and man was that rough.  Sweats, shakes, feeling like my entire body was turning inside out.  Personally I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!  Have I noticed a difference in how I feel?  Actually, yes, I have.  I definitely know my limits…when I hurt….it means I’ve overdone it.  Here’s the kicker though: I’ve done more in the past year than the past 8.  I’m happy with that!

ER visits you say?  What happened?  Since I’m in a revealing mood tonight, the three times I went my blood pressure was sky high.  I do have high blood pressure and yes, I do take my meds for it.  When I say sky high…I mean the top number was in the 200’s.  I’m told that’s not good.  Every single time I’ve been given nitro (and what a killer headache that gives you!) to no avail.  What helps?  A shot of Lidocaine and Maalox-the perfect party drink!  Ugh!!  Nastiest, foulest stuff you’ve ever tasted.  Why the Lidocaine I have no idea but if you’ve ever wanted to have a numb tongue and throat and then try to swallow a drink down….go for it.

Then this past January, Will gets tested for TB at work.  Standard stuff, right?  Wrong!  He tested false positive…meaning he has the inactive strain of TB.  Now the whole family gets tested.  Everybody is clear….but me!  The one person whose stuck in the house all work except the rare occasions that I go out with Kara on errands or to Church.  Where did we get it?  No idea but that person is a live carrier of the disease!  So for the next 9 months, we have to take INH, a nasty antibiotic to kill the virus.  One of the side effects: losing feeling in your extremities.  Like my fingers….the ones I’m using to type.  The other fun side effects are nausea and dizziness from certain foods and/or fasting.  If I wasn’t so close to finishing the treatment, I would complain but the other antibiotics are even worse than this one.

Where Am I Now?

I think a better place, mentally, spiritually and physically.  In June, we finally left Montana and moved to Michigan to be closer to my aging parents.  My mom was 80% blind when we arrived and is steadily getting worse.  My dad is having heart trouble.

Although I don’t talk about my faith often enough, we also believe the Lord has a purpose for moving to Michigan.  We don’t know exactly what it is but we do know we’re supposed to be here in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.).

What the Future Holds

The desire has been building for a while now to continue on this blog whether anyone reads it or not.  It’s cathartic.  It helps me relax.  It helps me to concentrate.  It invigorates my imagination.  I’m not going to spend all my time worrying about the latest theme that might interest readers.

I’m going for content.  My content…stuff that interests me.  Yes, that will include genealogy stuff like what I’ve found in my research but also current events in my family life because someday that will be family “history”!

So as they say: Back to Action!

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