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Another Doddema Found!

I’m a big Star Trek fan.  So big I’m a member of Starfleet International and belong to the USS Riverside chapter.  Currently, I’m the administrator there and still trying to make us the best website/chapter in the ‘fleet!  While researching some different possibilities, I discovered a new Doddema–Harry Doddema from Memory-Alpha, one of the premier Star Trek sites available today.

I contacted Harry and was able to get some information from him.  The family has given most of their information to Henk Doddema so I can’t wait until he returns from Africa so we can collaborate.  At that point, you should notice a big increase in names at DoddemaGen.  The guy has been doing research much longer than I have.

So if you like Star Trek, check out Harry’s site.  Harry, welcome to our global family!

Catching Up!

I apologize for not keeping up. I’ve been spending most of my time on DoddemaGen and the USS Riverside updating, overhauling, and just plain administering that I haven’t been having fun doing it. I recently received help from a new friend of mine, Assistanc3 (username). He’s an amazing graphic artist, CSS/HTML/PHP guru, and all around smart time. Nice thing is the guy literally doesn’t sleep for days on end. Why is that nice? He gets loads done! Continue reading